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Diary of a Bad Boy - Traci E. Hall
((Freebie from Amazon/Kindle))

Normally when I get my "free reads of the day" email, the books are put into sections. Romance, youth, drama, Christian books and so on..

And I'm not scared to admit that I would never read a book from the 'Christian' section.. Much respect and all that, just not my style.. Thats why I feel a little cheated, 'cause this is most defo a 'Christian Youth' book..

Out of control Boy with a terrible father, goes to a ranch for troubled boys, run by Christian folks, and somehow ends up, the perfect man, halleluja its a miracle, after accepting Jesus into his life... *sighs*

So yeah, every time I read the word "Jesus" I skipped 5 lines.. That didnt take away from the story though, in my eyes it made it better. I got to skip the Jesus-lovin (again, no disrespect here) and only read the parts about the boy "finding himself." It had me teary eyes a few times, but that probably says more about me than the book.. o_O

All in all, it was ok.. I guess.. *shrugs*