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Pack of Lies - Vanessa Vaughn
This is a quick read about a straight normal guy, who one night gets attacked by a wolf.. The wolf, is actually a werewolf, and Jack, the guy who got attacked, finds himself having strange dreams about another guy.. He and his best friend Ivy, who also got bitten on the night of the attack, starts to change..

Anywho.. This story is about Jack, and Marcus (the wolf) its about submission, and animal love *snickers*

Its a fast read, and I thought it was OK.. Jack and Marcus definitely has a crazy lust for eachother.. Its not the hottest book I've ever read, but if you're into m/m books with a touch of shifters, and some violence, this could be for you..

I wish that there was a 2nd book about the two guys though, I would have liked to see where they ended up.. And also to see Marcus be the good sub we know he can be..