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Our Future is For Many of Horror (I Need You So Much Closer, #3) - lemyh
The last part of the INYSMC series, and what a great ending!

This part had a lot more drama and not too many feelings, but hey, its Stiles and Derek so of course there will always be feels involved, and there were definitely feelings in this story too, but there were also weird shape shifting creatures and worries about college.

Derek and Stiles are still together, and this time neither of them played the stupid “I need to break up with you to keep you safe” boyfriend, no, we only got the awesome “Marry Christmas and oh here’s the key to my house which is my werewolfy way of asking you to move in with me when you graduate” boyfriend.

All in all this was a great series, full of supernatural creatures and Sterek feelings.

4 stars.

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