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The Old Familiar Sting - the_deep_magic A Teen Wolf, Stiles/Derek fanfic based on this gif:

photo vv_zps629afebf.gif

And after seeing that, it’s not hard to imagine that this is a fic about Derek becoming an addict. I mean, we all know how much Derek’s life sucks hardcore, and that he’s the biggest fail!wolf and even more a fail!alpha of all time, so really, addict is probably the next logical step?

Thankfully though, he has someone in his life that is good for him. Ok, so Stiles may have ADHD and talk too much, but he’s there and he helps Derek, and even when Derek is sick and needy for something Stiles can’t give him, Stiles is there and this is what this amazing fic is about.

It starts out angsty and gritty but it slowly turns into something… more.. Something beautiful even..

More than anything I just want to kiss this author for writing a canon-compliant addict story and not an AU!

5 stars for sure!

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