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Taming the Fire (ACRO, #4) - Sydney Croft *Siiighh*

I don’t really know what’s left to say about this series anymore.. The ACRO series and me are definitely not a match made in book heaven.. I can’t exactly tell you why though..

Oh wait.. yes I can.. It’s the ridicules storylines!

Review done..


Ok, so this book # 4 is about the 2nd Animal couple of the series, where we meet Trance (again) and his Bitch (Whoop whoop.. See my review of book # 2 to find out why I’m so excited about his mate being a Bitch! ;) Ulrika, or just Rik. She’s a Wolf….. And being a Wolf apparently means that you need sex… A lot.. and you also need to be into BDSM? Wait.. What?

Anyway.. Trance meets his Wolfy mate and they live happily ever after.. Well, of course they have to fall in love, break up and then meet in a big “Wolf meets man and licks him” happy ending.. You know the kind..

Don’t even get me started on Dev’s storyline.. I just.. I don’t know.. I have no words.. That whole “I love you, but I’m dying so here’s a… toy… for you to pleasure yourself with when I’m gone..” storyline?


Let the dude get over his first love.. Oh, and what about the “toy” did he it have a say in this, at all?!? Jesus..

Once again it was a side story that made me keep reading.. I love the Amish.. Really.. I love the Amish peeps.. They are just so… umm… different? Fun? Adorable? [insert your own] So that’s why I’m happy to announce that we got an Amish couple in this book! YAY!
I loved Ryan and the Amish chick.. Isn’t it fantastic when the couple named “The Amish couple” is the most normal couple of the series?

Anywho.. This is really a 1 star book for me, I’m just not a fan, but Ryan and the Amish chick gets it up to two.