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Lust Demented - Michael D. Subrizi

((Freebie on Kindle/Amazon))

Umm.. So… WTF just happened?

I swear to tiny Baby Jesus, that I have never been more confused in my life, after finishing a book..

For real.. W.T.F just happened?!

This has got to be the most confusing book… ever! Seriously.

If you are reading this review, and haven’t read the book, and you somehow still end up reading it, then I dare you to come back here and tell me otherwise. And also the name of the book you think is weirder than this, thanks.

So why is it confusing, you ask?

Well, that is a good question actually.

I read another freebie by this author, and that one was… weird.. And when I first started reading this book, I went: “Oh, ok, this seems better than the last, I guess”

There was a plot! An actual plot! But then it quickly went downhill..

Let me start off with the plot though..

It starts off with a murder, and we quickly learn that the #1 suspect is our main guy, also known as Farrow. He’s a writer, and… Umm.. Yeah, he’s a writer..

Age? Don’t know. What he looks like? Please, is looks all you think about these days?

What you do get to know is that he likes.. lions? And maybe, also have a Chinese fetish?

Wait.. What? (Seriously though, that’s my own idea, the word ‘fetish’ isn’t mentioned in the book.. ;)

Throughout the book, Farrow meets the police, lions, Chinese people and apparently every woman he meets wants to bang him.. So there’s that, I guess..

Remember, I told you he was the #1 suspect right, so does it makes sense that the woman police officer, kinda, almost jumps him in the middle of a murder scene, the first time she meets her new #1 suspect?? I mean, for reals people, does that make any sense?!? And that is only one of the “Meh, I guess that could happen” scenes. Then we have ghosts (I think? Or was that the lion? O_O) More Chinese peeps, writers dying, books flying everywhere, people jumping, stabbings with pens (?) and so much more.. The problem with all of this?


Holy, mothereffing, hell… You will never, and by God, I mean never find another book with as many metaphors in it as there are metaphors in this book.. I mean, it’s quite literally impossible, because there are metaphors in every. single. sentence.

Every Goddamn sentence! And it’s ridiculous. Sorry, but it is. I don’t know if this is some special kind of writing, or if this is actually how the author writes, but seriously dude, you need to chill it with the metaphors.

There were whole chapters, where I didn’t understand one single word of what was happening, because everything was written in metaphors, and I wasn’t sure if it was actually happening or it was some kind of dream-thingy.. Like the Lion.. WTF was the lion all about?!