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Pcock - Pacze Moj
((Freebie on Amazon/Kindle))

So this was a book full of short stories. Some shorter than others.. And one can assume, after finishing the book, that the author decided to get a little more disturbing after every story.

But weirdly enough it works. For a free book it was pretty cool. Which roughly translates to: “I wouldn’t pay for it but I didn’t because it was free, so all is good”

There are stories in this collection that I didn’t understand a word of.. Something with dogs.. and Hungary? And a movie? What?

And then there were stories that I can still remember.. I’m pretty sure that you would too had you just finished it… Yep.. pretty sure..

Like I said; for a freebie this is pretty cool and therefore deserves 4 stars on my freebie scale..

This book ends with suggesting that I should write a review on GR (done) and give someone a hug..

So if you’re reading this.. and need a hug?