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A Write Way to Love - Kisha Green
Here’s the deal:

I liked this story.. Wait, let me correct myself, I liked the first 70-80% of this book, and from there it went downhill fast..

And the end is always the part you remember the best, right? Which explains the number of stars, I guess..

This is a short story about a woman, who’s married to a deuce bag. Of course he wasn’t a deuce bag when she married him, at that time he was the most “wonderful and sweetest man in the world” (remember that part) . After marrying this perfect example of a man, he then decided to show his true colours, which I guess was screwing everybody in their town. So far so good. We got POV’s from the wife, the husband and (one of) the girls on the side.. That was all pretty good. So yeah, as I said, so far so good.

Then she leaves him.. And here’s what she accomplices in the next 4 years

She writes two books, she invents an E-reader, she gets a cult-following, she finds her “one true love” (again?) she gets married, and she gets preggers.

Ok, so my problem now is this..

She met her (new) husband after writing her “latest book” at a book signing. Lets remember that she also wrote a book before her latest, and when we take that into consideration with all the other things she’s accomplished, I’m pretty sure that she did the exact same thing with her new husband, that she did with her first. Met a dude, didn’t know him, thought he was the most “wonderful and sweetest man in the world” married him, he get her preggers, and now here we are, reading her story, that she is writing while in labour I mind you.. This chick must be a freaking superhero! How the fuck does she know that this new dude isn’t like her first husband? Learn from your friggin mistakes!

Maybe the author should have thought about some kind of timeline, because 4 years later ? Really? I think a zero after that 4 would have made more sense..

Oh, and the author also recommended her own book, in her own book..