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Death Glitch - Ken Douglas So.. where to begin..

At first (as in the first couple of pages) I really liked it… Then the supernatural stuff began and I was lost..

When I started reading this book I was sure that the author had to be a guy, and that he had sat down and listed all the things he liked, and then wrote a story where all these things happens..

Fancy cars, big guns, beautiful women, beautiful women making out on a bed – ask any 15 year old boy what he likes and it’s in this book…

And THEN we also have all the weird supernatural stuff.. I honestly didn’t even know it was a paranormal kind of story, until the dead 77 year old woman/MC suddenly wakes up as an alive 20-something girl.

And then we get people disappearing up into the air.. Literally up into the air and you don’t get answers about where they went. You have men turning into women too. Because yeah, why the fuck not, you know?

Well, the supernatural stuff is one thing the writing is another.. Holy mother of God this is bad. Not the storyline itself which could work I guess, but the actual development of characters is so bad! It’s the way the 77 year old that suddenly, finds herself a younger girl, but still has her 77 year old mind, starts to talk all gangster. It’s the way she’s supposed to “hate guns” (as she tells us) and then have a house full of guns. It’s the way the “bad girl” says she will never disappoint the dude who “raised her” and then kills him later on. It’s the way the good cop, blows his partner’s brains out, literally blows his partner’s brains out because he’s taking money from another bad dude.. Because yes, that’s what the GOOD COPS do instead of, you know, REPORTING IT?! I could go on and on and on and on with examples of where the characters just don’t make sense, but really, the book it one long example of just that.

As I said the development of the story and not least the characters is really bad, and it takes away from the storyline.

2 stars.