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To Have and to Kill (Wedding Cake Mystery, #1) - Mary Jane Clark Do you like to see an episode of ”Murder She wrote”?

Do you like to see one of the million different “cake shows”?

If you just said yes (or just nodded your head) you will probably also like this book.

It really is a ‘chick-lit’ edition of a one hour crime/mystery TV show.

The story evolves around Piper who is an ‘out-of-work’ actress. One of her friends is getting married, and suddenly people around her start dying, and oh no, its so scary!

Which would probably be the thought a somewhat ‘normal’ person has in such a situation.

But not our Piper.. no.. She’s perfect, so of course she doesn’t freak out. She wants to help, you guys!

Piper is one of those who are not only beautiful – the long blond hair with blue eyes - kind of beautiful – she’s also smart and funny. She never misses her ‘bikram’ yoga classes, she knows her karate, how to change tires, CPR, and so on.. Piper is perfect in such a way, that when she realizes her mother is going blind she doesn’t say: “Oh no, my Mom is going blind!” No, that’s not good enough.. She says: “Oh no, my mom has macular degeneration!

Because really, who doesn’t say that? o_O

All this is why I didn’t like Piper (which may make me a bitch) but honestly, as a reader, you don’t wanna read about this perfect example of a person, while you skipped going to the gym again..


There are murders and cakes.

2 stars.