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Invisible Monsters Remix - Chuck Palahniuk First of all: If you are planning on reading this on a Kindle? DON’T!!

Holy fuck, I just read a book from end to beginning, yes, you read that right.. I just read a book the wrong goddamn way!

This book is designed for you to skip between chapters, like, read chapter 1 then skip to chapter 41, then 2 and so on, BUT.. and here comes the joke, the Kindle version, or my Kindle version at least, do not have any ‘chapters’ in the table of contents, so I had to read the story from end beginning to beginning end, and I cannot even tell you how confusing that is!!

Who decided to publish this as a Kindle version, btw? Screw you.

Make sure you get the ‘table of contents’ if you’re buying this in an eBook version. Trust me on that.

I think I would have enjoyed the story, had I read it in paper or hardback, because even when reading it in the wrong order [insert me rolling my eyes] I got the jiff of it, and I liked it.. Well, I liked what I could understand, I guess.. I really liked the parents though! Very funny.

In short, this story is about a former model who got her face shot off, and is on the run with her dead gay brother, who is now a woman, and also her former fiancé who may or may not have tried to kill her..


Yeah, me too…