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Gangsta Granny - David Walliams I absolutely love the TV show ’Little Britain’ so when I got the opportunity to read this book, I jumped right on it, even though it could be considered a children’s book.

But hey, since the author is David Walliams (50% of Little Britain), I assumed it would be funny, and I love to laugh, so what’s up?

Gangsta Granny is definitely a kids book, but its also very funny, with lots of ‘naughty’ words, such as bottom and The Queen is a prober gangsta! Ok, that last sentence might not be a ‘naughty word’ but it’s a sentence from the book, and its funny as hell, especially because its soooo easy to imagine Ben saying or thinking this. Its so easy to imagine this whole book, with their English accents cruising around on Granny’s mobility scooter.. It’s just so easy, and for a kid and me it’s also very funny.

If I were a kid I would give this 5 stars for sure, but since I’m not a kid (Ughh!) I’ll give it 4 stars and a prober fist bump to Ben and Granny and the Queen.