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Before Dinner - L.T. Ville
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This is a short story about a guy who was kicked out of the family, by his father when he was just a kid, because the father had found him kissing another guy.

We meet the family 20 years later, where the mother is thinking about how much she misses her son..

We also meet the father, and the son..

In such a short story, it’s remarkable really, that I have enough time to end up not liking a character. But I did. I didn’t like the mother at all.. She keeps saying how much she’s missed him, but at the same time excusing her husband, and thinking how much she loves him – the husband, and she keeps thinking about all the things she doesn’t want to know about her son and his “lifestyle”, except if he has thought about her the last 20 years.. Please.. get over yourself.. You could have picked up the freaking phone!

I like the premise of the story, but the mother and her thoughts ruined it for me..