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The Most Beautiful Thing - Satya Robyn ((Freebie on Amazon/Kindle))

I admit it, I’ve had ‘stuff’ happen in my life – I still don’t want a book written about my life though, because you know what? My life is not that interesting, and I would feel bad for the people who, one day, got the book about my life as a freebie on Amazon/Kindle and then had to read about my life where, yes stuff happened, but it still wasn’t interesting.

If you can even understand that last part then that is how I feel about this book..

For the life of me I don’t understand the plot? Really, what was the point? If the plot was what happened in the last 5% of the book, then why the hell did we get the other 95%? Either way it sucks for me, because I only liked the beginning.

The first 53% was pretty cool; we met Joe, a 14 year old kid from the UK. He’s on a flight to the Netherlands where he’s going to stay with his aunt for the summer.. Joe is.. weird.. But I thought he was funny weird. Or maybe he just reminded me of myself in that age. Well, not so much the weird part –only the funny part.. (Ha! That was pretty funny, no?)

Seriously though, Joe is the furthest from “funny” you can get. He’s depressing as shit. But in the first 53% he’s depressing in that “I’m a teenager and I hate everything. You made me tea? Oh My God Mum, it’s too cold. I hate my life.” kind of way. That was funny. I just don’t think the author was trying to make it funny.. Umm.. Yeah, ok, moving on..

Nothing happens in this book.. We have 53% of Joe being a 14 year old weird, depressing teenager, who, in 6 weeks, sleeps a lot of and gets his first kiss.. That’s about it.. The strange thing was that Joe’s “teenage-depression-mode” kept me OK entertained for the first 53%.

We then meet Joe again as a 29 year old.. Now he’s even more depressed and weird, and it’s clear that he could use some psychological help. Ok, I thought. So this is the plotline then? A guy with a depression that needs help.. (No it wasn’t, btw..)

So Joe goes back to the Netherlands. And something happens to make him even more depressed.. (Seriously) Ok, so now the plot starts, right? 75% into the book, something finally happens to set everything up? (Also a no..) At 90% when, seriously, nothing had happened that could even be something close to an actual plot, I gave up believing in Joe..

The first 53% was ok (hence the 2 stars). Everything else? Yeah, not that much.

P.s If I’m mistaken and there actually was a plot in this story, then I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find it.

P.p.s The Most Beautiful Thing? What does that even MEAN in this story?!