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Too many books - too much fanfiction - too little time

No Reservations: Narnia - Edonohana This was a fun, short fanfic that pairs up Anthony Bourdain with Narnia..

If you've seen Anthony Bourdain travel the world trying all kind of weird local food, this story will probably be fun for you too.. If you havent and you dont know who Anthony Bourdain is? Well.. It probably wont be that fun..

I couldnt help picture Anthony Bourdain walking around Narnia (oh yeah, it helps if you've seen Narnia too, just an FYI ;) talking and bitching like he always does..

There were a lot of funny one liners, like Anthony thinking:

"The mole’s gravelly voice reminds me of my old friend, Beth the Grill Bitch."


"I worry at the mass with my teeth and tongue, breaking it apart. Now it’s a slurry of sharp, gravel-like fragments. I force it down, wincing as it makes its rough way down my throat. I hate to think what it’ll do to my ass tomorrow morning. Better eat more to cushion it."

All in all, this was a fun quick read.. 3 stars..