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Saying Goodbye: to the people, places, and things in our lives - Mike O'Mary,  Julie Rember
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Its hard to review a compilation of short stories, 'cause do I review them one by one, or the book as a whole?

I've decied to do the whole book, 'cause all the short stories revolve around the same subject.

The subject of saying goodbye to something.. In this book its mostly family members, and especially parents..

There were also some stories about losing or having to part with a thing or a pet..

I only skipped one short story in this book, and I really wish I didnt have to do that, but there was one story called "Puppy Love" and I knew I would have teary eyes after reading that one, considering the fact that I still miss my own "puppy" I had to say goodbye to after having him in my life for 8 years.. (Yeah, ok he wasnt a puppy after 8 years, but I will always remember the moment I first met him as one..) Because of that I couldnt get myself to read it.

I hadnt expected being so emotional reading these stories.. When you read a book you cant help putting yourself in the shoes of the characters, well, I cant at least, and so I couldnt help but think about my own family when reading these sweet, funny and touching goodbyes.. When I, one day, read about a daughter saying goodbye to her father I had to stop reading, cause I was reading on the train, and I doubt the other people would appreciate me starting to sob..

This was a really touching book and I'm very happy to have read it..
It puts thoughts in your head, and I hope that when I one day have to say goodbye to someone I love, I can take this book out and know that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel for me too..

4 stars.