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Tale of Two Summers - Brian Sloan So this is a story about two 15 year old guys. They have never spent a Summer apart, since they have been best friends, for the last 10 years.. Now, they have to, and have decided on, writing a blog where they tell each other what they are doing..

Its Hal, the gay kid, who has to spend his summer at home, trying to get his drivers license, and Chuck, the straight kid who is going away for band camp.. Or a version of it, at least.. ;)

This is written through blog entries, so we get POV's from both..

I've always liked these types of books, where its written in letter form, or blog, diary, whatever.. And I liked this too.. Its very Young Adult even though Hal talks about his sexual encounter with the hot French dude, Henri, who turns out to be a druggie, though..

Chuck has a crazy summer too, and this is a story about two best friends having a crazy summer apart, while trying to keep their best friend updated, and trying to not lose that friendship, when they dont see eye to eye on some things..

The best part about this, was most definitely Hal.. Very funny! Chuck? Hmm.. He was kinda Blah, even though I liked him when he finally told Hal off.. 'Cause yeah, he definitely deserved that..

But hey... A summer full of firsts can be exciting and scary, and we all need a best friend to bitch to, once in a while, ey?