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Orphan's Quest (The Chronicles of Firma, #1) - Pat Nelson Childs After having finished this just now, I feel like I just read a 900 page book.. Its says thats its 332 pages but I cant believe thats correct. Nope.. 900 pages at least..

This is about Rokey, a 17 year old guy, who was on his way to become a Brother which I guess is some kind of munk, even though the novices had sex with the girls in town?

Either way, he gets kicked out for something that wasnt his fault, and he meets up with 4 misfits one night, where a young elf, Flash, saves his life. Yes, the elf and Rokey falls in love, but if you're looking for a hot m/m book, this is not it. Well except if you think a kiss is the hottest thing that is, because thats all you're going to get..

Anywho.. There are some evil peeps trying to kill poor Rokey, and they set out to find who is behind the attacks.. ALOT!!!! happens a long the way.. There is a map at the beginning of the book, to show you this world they travel in, and thank God for that, because Wow.. They travel a lot, and they see a lot, and do a lot, and they meet a lot of people, and.. yeah.. you get the feeling.. Thats where the 900 page comes in.. This book is just full of words! Ok, I know thats a weird thing to say, considering.. you know, that its a book? And I cant really use the word intense either, because its not, but it drains you.. Just.. drains you..

This book is apparently part of a trilogy, and from what I can see here on GR, the 2nd book came out in 2007, and the 3rd one hasnt been released yet?? (Please correct me if I'm wrong here) but even if it was, I doubt that I would read the 2nd and 3rd book.. This book kinda had an OK ending, and I will take that as my ending in the story of Rokey the wannabe-brother who had to take a looooonng road to find himself, his family and his future love..

I would give this 2 stars, but I did have tears in my eyes a couple of times, so for that it gets another one. I'm not sure if the tears at the end was because of how it ended, or just because I was so happy the book was finally over though..