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Snow Angel - Mark A. Roeder
I waited a long time to pick this follow-up to the story about Kurt and Angel up, because the first one had left me completely drained..

I dont feel -as- drained right now, but its definitely close. Just not for the same reason.

I was sooo certain, that I would have tears running down my cheeks while reading this, as I had with the first one, but I couldnt have been more wrong.. And now I'm kinda dissapointed by that..

After the first 60% of this book, I was like.. "Seriously? Can we get on with it already!"

Up until then, it had literally been one lone monologue from either Angel's or Kurt's POV! And that wouldnt nesecarily be a bad thing, but it seemed like the only thing they talked or thought about was food..

And I'm not even joking here.. I dont think I'm over exxagerating when I tell you, that 70% of the first part of the book is about what they are eating or how things taste.. Really not that interesting I must say..

There were also -a lot- of talking about the same things.. I think the lines "I wont cheat on Angel" and "I miss Kurt" almost made up 50% of the book.. OK, now I'm over exxagerating, but it felt that way!

I did like the ending to Kurt and Angel's story though.. Of course its hard getting a happily ever after to a story about two gay 16 year old boys in 1953, but they got each other, and thats what matters I guess..

I ended up giving this a 3 star rating, which probably isnt fair to the first book, which I also gave 3 and definitely liked a lot more, but 2 stars doesnt seem fair either, so 3 it is.