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Don't Speak - fatale

Who knew that I would end up loving a story this much, when one of the tags on it was ”No sex”..


Really.. Who knew?


I do love me some Sterek loving, in and out of a bed, so that I ended up being really hooked while reading this is quite surprising to me.


Also when you take into consideration that I absolutely love Stiles, and this is almost 70.000 words of non-speaking Stiles! Yes. Stiles can’t talk, and there’s no sex, and really, not that much Sterek feeling, but I still ended up loving it! What gives?


Great writing for one. And also a great storyline. It’s all happening in Stiles head though, so be prepared for a lot of internal dialogue, but hey, it’s Stiles’ head, so of course it’s great dialogue. ;)


This story revolves around a mysterious alpha, trying to 'play a game’ of sorts with the werewolves in Beacon Hills, and they have all been hurt somewhat before he takes Stiles. But what he does to Stiles is the worst so far, and leaves Stiles with no communication skills at all, and when you know Stiles and how his mouth never closes for one second, yeah, then you know this is a hard thing for Stiles and the people who love him.


This story is about Stiles having to find other ways of communicating and figuring out who he wants to ‘communicate’ with so-to-speak. [so-to-speak? Ha! I’m so funny]


Of course there are “Sterek feelings” but they are not heavy or over the top. They are just like, a natural part of the storyline, and because it’s all about Stiles, they are just there and the feelings are just, well, there, and it’s just really, really good.


 5 stars.



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