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Den sidste varulv - Glen Duncan

It’s quite embarrassing how long it’s taken me to read and finish this book.


It’s not because its bad in any particularly way, no I just didn’t get hooked for one second, and do you know how hard it is to pick up a book, when you would actually rather be doing the dishes? The dishes, people! If you know me, and how much I hate doing the dishes then you would know the significance of that statement.


Anywho. Months, months!, later, I’ve now finished the book, and meh.  


It’s about the last werewolf left in the world, and hey if you know me, and my love for anything Sterek related, which a werewolf definitely is, then you would also know how weird it is that a werewolf book didn’t hook me, but alas. It didn’t. It’s about Jake, the werewolf, giving up on life really. He’s lived for a long time, like, 100s of years, and he’s just done..


Or is he?


Of course, some stuff happens, that interrupts his Wolfy suicide..


It’s also written in diary style, which now I think about it really makes me wonder why I didn’t get hooked? Its ‘wannabe’ epistolary AND its werewolf? I mean, that’s like two of my biggest kinks these days, but again, I digress.


Jake writes his diary all while be hunted after his non-suicide, and then he meets a lady, and so the story begins. Or did it actually end around that time?


Oh, and I also read the Danish version, btw. And no book has ever been helped by being translated into Danish, so again, that sucks too, but oh well. Its written with plenty of curse words and slang words, and werewolfy-tude (10 points if you know the reference!)


The love story part? Please. No.


Am I reading the 2nd part? Also: no.