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Every Step You Take  - Nokomis

For a second I really thought this was one of those fics that ended with you having tears in your eyes, because it was just such a happy ending and, let’s be real, I’m a sucker for a sweet, über cute, happy ending.

And I’m not saying this doesn’t have a happy ending, it definitely does, but the ending is just more on the “OMG, THE AWKWARD!” scale of things!  [Oh, you’ll see and you’ll agree! ;]


But enough about the ending.


This fic takes place around mid-season 2, and really, just the summary is enough for my ‘Yeeesss’ feelings to start tinkling. It’s not exactly fake/pretend relationship, (which is like my biggest Sterek kink for some reason) no, it’s more a ‘we have to be together 24/7 because of witches’ thing, and it’s amazing! I love mouthy Stiles, I love Alpha Derek, and I just really LOVE this!


Stiles and Derek find themselves with a ‘bond’ that makes them feel insane pain if they move to far away from each other, and so they have to find a way to fight this bond, and these stupid witches, because seriously. Stiles doesn’t need to be bonded to a broody werewolf, ok?



photo 1_zps5f78cb23.gif


Please. You know you want to tap that.



I did end up having teary eyes at the end, right before the awkward happened, but that too was a perfect ending to this pretty prefect Sterek fic.


5 stars!

Source: http://archiveofourown.org/works/454948/chapters/781487