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The Darkest Craving - Gena Showalter

I don’t really know what to say here. It feels really weird saying this, but I think that I might have to break up with Gena Showalter’s books..


Yes, I said it was weird, but that’s really what I’m feeling right this moment, after having finished this book..


See.. When I first got into paranormal books, I was younger, and this series, the LOTU, was actually one of the first series I found, and I fell in love with it. Seriously. In love!


I loved Gena’s writing, and her characters. They were all very “MINE!- ish", which I found was one of my paranormal kinks, apparently.


Over the years, my taste in books has changed, of course, and I’ve read a million other genres since falling in love with the LOTU series. Had you asked me just 2 year ago, if I thought I would ever ‘break up’ with this series, then I would have laughed in your face, because no?!


Something has changed though, and I don’t know if it’s me or its Gena, but I did not like this book, well, I didn’t like it after the chase was over.


I’ve LOVED Kane since the moment he was introduced, so it kinda hurts me not to like his book, but seriously, he cheated on his wife, and when the fuck does that happen in paranormal books? That’s why we read these books, is it not?! To read about dreamy, fictional possessive men, and not “real men” who cheat on their new wives?! Seriously, Gena? Just no. 


Other than that, this is also really a YA book. Yes, they have “sex” or “make love” as Kane probably would say, but it’s nothing. Its soooo nothing that’s its really as close to YA as you can get. OK, I might not have read any YA but I’m sure teenagers have wilder sex than this..


Also, it’s very ‘religiously correct’ – and no I’m not “anti-religion” or anything, I just don’t dig the whole “lets be married before we kiss” vibe. – Btw, this was not said in the book, but still - the vibe..


Kane chases after his future bride, “Tink*” while being all “Kane-ish” and then he “catches her” and becomes a douche. First off, he cheats on her.. Douche! (Oh, and "Tink"? Way to stand up for yourself! (Just kidding, she didn't really))

Second, Gena makes him become some wannabe BDSM freak who wants to “spank her” when she’s been “bad” - Seriously. That was just so weird. Either you do the BDSM storyline or you don’t. “Being in control” is not spanking her ass during "gentle love making", ok? Third, he becomes ridiculously ‘sweet’. “Oh, can a man be too sweet?!” you might be thinking now, and yes, yes, he can. Where did the warrior, bad-ass Kane go?


* If you like the word “Tink” then don’t read this book. You will be very tired of reading it when you’re done. It wouldn’t surprise me if the word “tink” is the most used word in this book.


Anyway.. I liked the chase part. That part was like the good old LOTU days, but then it just became weird, and I started thinking that I don’t want to read another book like this again. Which fucking hurts, because I love Torin SO MUCH, and his storyline seems exciting, but because of the last couple of Gena’s books that I’ve read, I’m already pretty positive that he’ll also end up married to his bride and that the sex is going to be boring and I just don’t want to read that.


This book also told me that I still hate Legion with a passion (See reviews: The Darkest Passion & The Darkest Lie) and that it’s probably a good time for me to break up with LOTU now, because I would have had to do it anyway when it was announced that Gilly is Williams future wife.. Which is just.. no.. so wrong.


LOTU.. You’ve given me some great reading experiences, but it’s time for us to part.


2 stars.