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Our Memories Are Numbered  - rufflefeather


I legit haven’t read a Sterek fic in ages, I mean, for like a week now, so it was quite a treat to reconnect with the two idiots boys, in this story!


It’s canon compliant up until season 2, the Alpha pack is here too (kinda) but its nothing like the canon Alpha pack..


Stiles see Derek running in the woods one day, and when he stops him and asks  ‘what’s up’ he realizes that Derek has lost his memory of everything. Himself, Stiles, the betas, family, everything.


This fic is about Stiles trying not to fall for the “fake” Derek, because yes people, new Derek is fake. He’s like all happy, and flirty, and dirty talking and shit, and when Derek’s not brooding he’s fake, ok? Derek = grumpy!wolf.

Anyway, Stiles is trying not to fall for this softer side of Derek, because he knows he's not real, and he knows that when the real Derek is back he will kill him because the real Derek doesn't want him in this way....



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Fake!Derek was great though, and it was fun to see a Fake!Derek in a canon universe. But as I’ve said a million (yes, a million!) times before, grumpy!wolf is my kind of Wolf, and my favorite fics are always the canon compliant's with a Sourwolf and a hyper Stiles, so even though I liked Fake!Derek, I loved the ending so much more.. ;)


4 stars.  




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Source: http://archiveofourown.org/works/602627/chapters/1086379