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Too many books - too much fanfiction - too little time

with bloody feet across the hallowed ground   - owlpostagain

When it comes to fanfics, ”Canon compliant” and ”angsty as shit” are probably my biggest kinks..

I don’t really know if “angst” is a ‘kink’ but oh well, I want to be able to taste the angst, ok? I want to feel my heart break in a million pieces only to have it put together at the end, while I drown in a flood of happy tears..

How this is now what I want in life I don’t even know..

In comes this fic..

Its 2 years after the alpha pack has been defeated in Beacon Hills, and everything is calm…

Or is it?

From the blurb alone, you kinda get an idea what this is about, but yeah, Stiles leaves the pack, and its.. not right..

I got my angst, and there were tears..

4 stars!



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