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The Light Between Oceans: A Novel - M.L. Stedman

I don’t really know what to say here or how to start this review, because I didn’t really like the ending, so yeah, that sucks, because so what if I liked the beginning and middle when I didn’t like the ending at all?



This story is about a baby girl who gets kidnapped, and grows up, at first, with her new parents, while her real mother is searching for her every day, for years..


And yes, I really liked this part. Ok, so I skipped some of all the unnecessary stuff, like the description after description of random stuff, that didn’t really mean anything to the story. No, I don’t care about lighthouses, sue me.


Anyway, so yeah, I liked the story, and I was hooked, because surely the real Mother would get her baby back, and the kidnappers would be punished for what they‘ve done.  


Yes, SURELY, the kidnappers would be punished……..



I really didn’t like the ending..