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Sense of Home - Siny

[insert tears and more tears]


This is a canon Sterek (Stiles/Derek from Teen Wolf) fic, and it’s amazing. It really is.


It takes place after 3A, when Stiles is surrounded by the darkness in his heart, and it focuses on just that. Stiles is in a very dark place, and most of the fic evolve around that. Derek isn’t even in Beacon Hills, so if you don’t want to read about Stiles hurting, this defo isn’t for you. But if you want to read about canon Stiles (because we all know he is going to go through hell in 3B Damn you Jeff!) trying to find a way to live with all this darkness while also trying not to drown, then this is definitely a fic for you.


The writing is amazing, the Stiles portrayal is amazing, and the Sterek storyline is amazing.


It’s dark though, it really is, but it’s amazing, and I cried, and cried, but oh gods, sometimes it’s just so good to cry, you know?


5 stars.



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