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Versus - secondstar

I have loved Sterek for a long time now, and I have loved Liverpool for a lot longer than that, so having this, a Sterek football AU, where Stiles is a Liverpool player and Derek is a Man U (*gags*) player, is just heaven.. Seriously, it’s fucking heaven. And yes I might hate Man U with a passion, but at least Stiles started out feeling that way too, so I can forgive him for falling in love with a Manchester guy.. Because really, look at him



photo ccc_zpsc8990d37.gif


Who would not fall in love with this dude, you know?



You know you’re a LFC supporter though, when the times you teared up while reading this was all the times Stiles talked about not wanting to leave Anfield. *sniff sniff*


I love how you can tell this was written by a person who knows her football. Seriously. I love that. Football has been my religion since my Dad took me to games as a little girl, and I just LOVE that you can feel the love for the sport in this fic.


As you can tell this is a fic that deals with football, but even if you don’t like the sport (seriously, what is wrong with you?! ;) you’ll love it.


Before I knew who Sid and Ovi were I read a hockey fic about them, and completely fell in love with them and the sport, and I think this could do this too, to people who just love Sterek. No it’s not a RPS fic, but then again, it kinda is..


All in all, this was such an amazing fic, and ughh, I just really, really love it!


5 stars!!