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The Lowland - Jhumpa Lahiri

So yeah, this book won awards? Really? Umm.. Why?

It’s not like it’s the worst book I’ve ever read, no, definitely not, but I don’t get what was so special about it either? It’s like a soap opera with no ending. No wait, since it has Indian characters, I guess it’s a Bollywood movie? Then again, I’ve heard there is a lot of dancing in those movies, so I guess not.

This book follows a family through decades. We first meet 2 brothers in India, 2 brothers who have grown up only 15 months apart, and so are very close. But still they end up completely different, and this book follows their different paths.

It’s just not exciting.. at all.. like seriously.. It’s not..

It’s a very slow paced book and storytelling, and you just pace along with it, not really caring. I mean, what was even the point of it? What was the author trying to tell us? Tell the readers? Every story should have a meaning, or a hidden message, or just something more to it. An author should want to tell the readers something with their story, and I’m struggling to find it in this story. It could be something insanely complicated, like 'a mothers love will never die completely even though she leaves or becomes a lesbian', or wait, what? Or it could be something as easy as 'no father needs biology to love something as his own', but whatever it was, it wasn’t exciting. It was slow and boring.

2 stars.

P.s. Every author should also learn to use “quotation marks” because it’s really annoying when they don’t. Case in point: this book