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Too many books - too much fanfiction - too little time

Labor Day - Joyce Maynard

I don’t know if reading too many fanfics has ruined me for ”normal books” because once again, after having finished a “normal book” I’m just sitting here thinking; what?

Because really: What?! What was the point?!

Is it some kind of mind blowing plot? No.
Is it some kind of exciting storyline? No.
Is it some kind of awe-inspiring story? No.
Is it some kind of amazing love story? No.
Is it some kind of great literature? No.
Is it, at least, just a little bit interesting in some way? No.

And if your story isn’t at least one of the above, why would you write it?

Now when I’m about to go into the actual plot, (oh and there will be spoilers, like big massive spoilers, so consider yourself warned) don’t let my ramblings convince you that this is interesting, or that so much is going on, because no. Trust me.. There isn’t. Anyway, spoiler away:

This is a book about a guy looking back to when he was 13 years old, and to a day where his mother let a convicted MURDERER, who had just KIDNAPPED her and her 13 year old son, live in their house while the police is looking for him, because he has just ESCAPED from prison, and as Mother of the year, as she so clearly is (Seriously, can I slap her?!), because really, who wouldn’t let a MURDERER who you had just been kidnapped by, into your house where your 13 year old son is?! She of course FALLS IN LOVE with this convicted MURDERER in, wait for it, 1 day!!!! She falls so much in love, IN A DAY, in fact, that she’s about to take her SON away from his father, because she wants to go ON THE RUN with her new found love, who is a convicted MURDERER and now also a KIDNAPPER and prison ESCAPEE.. And holy fuck, can I please slap the shit out of this goddamn woman?!!

Oh, and people who have read the book might go: “But Milla, don’t people deserve 2nd chances in life? (Which I guess could be the moral of this story? Convicted murderer finds love? please hold my hair while I barf) and yes, people do deserve 2nd chances. And I’m all for convicted murderers finding love and friends yet again, (if you knew me personally you would laugh about that, because, hey J!), trust me, but THE MOTHER in this story needs to be slapped for what she allowed into her house! She did NOT know this man, and he had LITERALLY just kidnapped her and her son, and escaped prison, where he was convicted of murdering his wife, and by default his own SON! So the fact that the mother allows this and wants to go on the run with her 13 year old son is ridiculous, and the fact that the author makes this into a love story, and makes this “romantic” and lets the main character think that the convicted murderer who kidnapped him 20 years ago, who he had only known for 6 days, is the “best person he has even known” is even more ridiculous.

Like I said, don’t be fooled by my ramblings, because this book is not exciting and interesting at all. Actually, it’s annoying and the main character is too “hippie” for me. Yes, I just called him a hippie. You know, he’s the guy (clearly written by a woman), who would, if his daughter is crying in the backseat of the car, pull over and take her out of the car, proceed to take off his shirt (!), and then he would lay down on a meadow on the side of road so his daughter can lay against his chest, all to make her stop crying.. No seriously, this is what he tells us he does…. Seriously.. This legit happened… I can’t.. That isn’t a spoiler, btw. It’s just a thing that legit happened in this book..

Anyway, so yeah, I think fanfics might have ruined me for “normal books” because if this is what people consider “normal books” now, I’m not interested.

1 star.