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Breath of Scandal - Sandra Brown

Ok, so I read most of this last week while on vacay in Corfu, and I’m not sure I remember everything but umm, let’s see how this goes.

So this is a book.. And that is all..
No? Well, ok let’s try again.

First of all, no one should pay money for the kindle version, because holy fuck it’s fucked up. I don’t know if it’s only my version, but there are missing letters, missing sentences, numbers instead of letters, all in all its just fucked up.

Second, this is a book about Jade and Dillon. Two stories that begin separately but somewhere down the road get intertwined.

We meet Jade as a young girl, where she experiences something that will change her, and the way she lives her life. The same can be said for Dillon, except he’s older, and a guy.

I clearly remember several times where I stopped, while reading, and went WTF? But I can’t remember why now, which proves the point that I should always review books right after finishing, or the reviews will end up looking like, well, something like this.
Wait, I remember that World War II was written World War 11

Minus a star just for that alone, to be honest.


The moral of the story?
Something about revenge is good and so is sex?
Yeah, I don’t know either.

2 stars.

(If you actually spent time reading this, I’m really sorry, and I owe you a drink, because worst review ever)