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The Invention of Wings: A Novel (Oprah's Book Club 2.0) - Sue Monk Kidd

I didn’t know until the ’notes from the author’ at the end, that most of the people you meet in this book were real people once upon a time. And even though the author underlines that it’s still a fictional story, it still puts it in a different light, or I think so at least.

This story is about Sarah Grimké and her fight against slavery in the 1800’s. She was a rich white girl, who, at her 11th birthday was given a slave as a ‘birthday present’ – and that is how we meet “Handful” or Hetty, the girl Sarah was given.

We follow them both through their POV’s and see their lives and how different they are, but maybe also how similar they are, in certain aspects.

I really liked the story, and liked that it didn’t turn into some happy-ending fairytale. I’m not saying that it had a sad ending either, no, more like a truthful ending.

The strangest thing though, was that one of the characters who was a slave was named Denmark which was a sad reminder of my country’s history every time I read about him.

Never-the-less I really liked the story, and enjoyed meeting all these different people.

4 stars